Last meeting we had constructive deliberations on the way forward for
the Chapter .We agreed among among things that ,we need to do a fresh
membership drive ,the six million dollar question was, who is an
eligible Chapter member ?We explored the following scenarios
 1. Membership based on being a lister on the WMKE ,where most of us are
 2.Membership based on payment of the membership fee as enshrined in
our by laws
 3.We have members of the Foundation who are not expressly members of
the Chapter
It was observed and noted that  being a lister on the Chapter mailing
list does not mean you are a member o the Chapter ,interestingly a
mailing list is 'a members only ' platform.
   As we seek to give WMKE a fresh life by doing a fresh recruitment
by the end of the year , i call upon your views on this matter ,
                                                        my regards

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