My name is Victor Grigas and I'm a storyteller with the Wikimedia
Foundation in San Francisco. I'm chronicling the inspiring stories of the
Wikipedia community from around the world -- stories are critical to inform
and inspire the general public to support the Wikipedia movement by
donating their money or to become volunteers themselves.

After seeing this inspiring story about Gabriel Nderitu from Kenya-


and hearing about the 'Project for Kenyan Schools', I thought that it might
be fruitful to plan a trip to Kenya to interview Kenyan Wikipedians

I would like to co-ordinate my storytelling activities with Wikimedia
Kenya. I would need to confirm that I have at least 15 people to speak with
who may have interesting stories about Wikipedia to make the trip worth the
money. If needed, I could hire a translator. My understanding is that iHub
in Nairobi hosts Wiki-meetups once a month. It may be feasible to attend a
meetup there and interview people individually after that?

Please let me know what you think, I would very much like the opportunity
to represent Africa and Kenya in the fundraiser this year.

I am sending this message to everyone I can reach at Wikimedia Kenya.
Please let me know if there is a more formalized process to reach people.

Thank you!

Victor Grigas
*Victor Grigas*
*Wikimedia Foundation*
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