Thanks, Iolanda - that's perfect!

(In the meantime, I've edited the section


Oliver (aka BT)



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Subject: Re: [Wikimedia Kenya] no traffic at WMKE website?


I added the link <>  on

maybe you can check if there is a better position for it but maybe it can
help to bring attention to the activities.

all the best



Il giorno 23/apr/2012, alle ore 01:10, Alex Wafula ha scritto:

Hey BT,

Concern well noted. I've borrowed a couple of templates from Wikimedia DC
and I'm working on a temporary structure for our site based on the same. You
can see my initial progress here:

I'll be moving this to our Main_Page (
which is the first landing page for our domain then linkup with Ann (this or
next week - hopefully) to publish minutes from past meetings and setup a
working structure for updating the site.


On Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 9:13 PM, Oliver Stegen <>

Hi all,

It's not like nothing has happened in WMKE over the last three weeks, yet no
traffic on our website, see:

Please, please, please, let's not give the world wrong impressions about
inactivity when stuff is actually happening! Use our website and show the
world what WMKE is all about and what it's achieving on a week-by-week
basis. After all, we've had elections since as well as an editathon.

Haya, tundelee kusonga mbele!

Wenu katika kujenga chapter yetu,

Oliver (aka BT)


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