While at it,

>  It goes without saying, (though you said) our community  runs on the
> virtue of openness and the following is what I filled as my taking as our
> cool projects.

Could we please loop in the members on the current projects we are involved
on? I am sure very many are hearing of some of this of for the very 1st
time like Geo Dops, Railways , GLAM and if possible updates on the doings
as they happen just that all of us are on the same page??

My Cool Projects are:

   - Heathers Meetup at iHub where we explained the reason why we need/dont
   need sw:wp or why it does not work (My favorite meetup and fruitful
   - The Photo walk that culminated on the current discussions with
   the Railway Museum
   - And of course the current efforts to have a localized Offline Wikipedia


Limoke Oscar,
"*point me to the destiny,and I will curve my own path to it *"
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