Dead drops were discussed during our last community meetup on 26th May
at the Mlab and there was even an awesome video that I showed to the
members present and everyone was convinced it was a good project that
we could undertake.

The same applies to GLAM plus other projects on the etherpad  here >>

The minutes are yet to be posted on our website by Anne but every
detail was documented on the pad including the snack munching

I thought the essence of using the etherpad was for members to follow
the meeting proceedings remotely plus as a form of temporary
documentation. We have to save the trees and let them live as we share
in the yet to be sum of all human knowledge!


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On 6/15/12, Limoke Oscar <oslim...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Team
> While at it,
>>  It goes without saying, (though you said) our community  runs on the
>> virtue of openness and the following is what I filled as my taking as our
>> cool projects.
> Could we please loop in the members on the current projects we are involved
> on? I am sure very many are hearing of some of this of for the very 1st
> time like Geo Dops, Railways , GLAM and if possible updates on the doings
> as they happen just that all of us are on the same page??
> My Cool Projects are:
>    - Heathers Meetup at iHub where we explained the reason why we need/dont
>    need sw:wp or why it does not work (My favorite meetup and fruitful
>    discusion)
>    - The Photo walk that culminated on the current discussions with
>    the Railway Museum
>    - And of course the current efforts to have a localized Offline
> Wikipedia
> --
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> Limoke Oscar,
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