Hi ,
matters of integrity ,n accountability are bound to rise ,in this kind
of organisation i personally thought the issue we just heard on the
mailing list would have been avoided if there was an audit unit as
suggested earlier .
     i am available to volunteer on that capacity together with others.
                                                              My regrds

On 7/25/12, David Mugo <raidar...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Guys,
> I hope you are good, I am writing this in great concern of what is
> happening with the chapter and finances. We are a very young chapter and we
> need not be where we are at this point. When we elected the board, we
> agreed to have an audit committee that will be there to keep check on the
> board's decisions in all matters including finances.
> The fact that WMKE is ran by the board means we need an external organ to
> ensure accountability and responsibility.
> I would hereby propose that we suggest/nominate 4 members who can handle
> this until we have the next meeting to either confirm the members or
> conduct a process to appoint these members. I would like to leave this open
> but also insist that it is really urgent as we decide on the current
> situation, its solution and action to be taken by the chapter regarding the
> matter. Please suggest names or volunteer and we can all come up with a
> final process to create membership of this committee.
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