At 22:36 +0000 30/11/08, Thomas Dalton wrote:
>  > Not a problem to have 1000s of guarantor members? Is that what you mean?
>Yes, what we call "member" is what WMUK v1.0 called "guarantor member".

So, is there only one class of membership for WMUK 2.0?

BTW, I have just seen an example of an organization that has 35,000 
members... Ebsfleet United.



Directed by Ivo Gormley, Us Now follows the story of online networks 
whose radical self-organising structures challenge existing notions 
of hierarchy. Ebbsfleet United, a football club owned and run by its 
fans, all 35,000; and  Zopa, a bank in which everyone is the manager.


I plan to attend the screening at the RSA.


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