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>> Maybe but what else is there to do in Manchester wikipedia wise?
>> Oxford has pitt rivers. While there is the Museum of Science and
>> Industry in Manchester I don't know much about it.
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>> geni
> Quite a few museums actually, see
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Museums_in_Manchester - also art
> galleries.
In the Italian chapter we often have the same problem, of finding a place
that can be convenient for as many people as possible and have some
rotation, so that it isn't always inconvenient for the same people. Like GB,
some places are easier to reach than others, particularly East-West links
are quite scarce and slow. In this sense, London is the best place, because
there are direct train from many more places than any other city. We had our
last AGM near Naples, because we had an enthusiast member who organised it,
and because we wanted to reach out in the South (our members are
concentrated in the North, AFAIK you can count the members living south of
Rome on one hand's fingers). The result, sadly, was that there were more
"established" people from the North willing to travel 600 km than "new"
people from the South willing to travel 100 km. And when this happens, the
response of the members is: Never again.

For an AGM, I believe the priority should go to having as many people as
possible, particularly this being the first one. If the group of "Londoners"
doesn't mind sharing a car or a bunch of seats on the train from Euston,
hoping that the Liverpudlians or the Scottish decide to get at least to
Manchester (while they wouldn't go to London), than Manchester is the best
place (or Birmingham, for example). Regarding the things to see in the
place, if this is likely to motivate someone to come, than take it into
consideration, but the point is that an AGM is something different from a
normal meetup.

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