2008/12/2 AndrewRT <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> On Dec 2, 10:08 pm, "michael west" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> mmmmm Wikipedian's aren't use this democratic type systems.  Can't somebody
>> right down some names of interesting towns in the UK and just pick one from
>> a hat? Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham and London all seem pretty
>> reasonable and easy to get to.
> The actual decision will be taken by the Board, but we value
> everyones' input so far and will bear it all in mind when making the
> final decision. There seems to be four credible candidates here -
> London, Birmingham, Manchester and Oxford (in no particular order) -
> which all look like they could work. Who knows, perhaps the first four
> AGMs will be held in those four cities!

We've been saying having the AGM is Oxford would be good because it
would benefit the bid - perhaps we should be more optimistic: If the
bid is successful then it would be good to have the January 2010 AGM
in Oxford because it would benefit the conference. If Wikimania is
going to be held in Oxford, we will need to make several trips to
visit venues and accommodation and whatever else beforehand in order
to get everything planned and prepared, the AGM would be a good
opportunity for that. From that point of view, it might be good to go
somewhere else this year so we have the option of going to Oxford next

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