At 10:45 +0000 10/12/08, Alison Wheeler wrote:
>On Wed, December 10, 2008 09:09, geni wrote:
>>  2008/12/10 David Gerard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>>>  But we need people in London who are confident they can represent
>>>  Wikipedia/Wikimedia and talk in soundbites on telly at a few hours'
>>>  notice. Anyone?
>>  You would probably be better off pokeing
>> and the
>>  like.
>Without wishing to sound elitist in any way, people who do this need to
>have clue, which is more likely here than in public on WP ...
>(who will be able to do more 'in person' stuff once back in London full time)

Exactly. I am not sure how well briefed I might be on the IWF or any 
future issue. As it happens, I think the recent fiasco was cut and 
dried, and David did a good job (on Channel 4 for sure).


P.S. Who complained to IWF in the first place?

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