You can't create a standing order online? I thought it was a standard


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>>They do, however, need to be set up by the donor  which makes it less 
>>likely people will do so.

Damn right. SOs can only be set up online for people with some types of bank
accounts. I haven't done a standing order in decades and the charity I work
for doesn't solicit new ones cos they are too much hassle compared to a DD.

To set up a SO for WPUK I would have to ring my own bank fight through a
call centre and electronic tele-questionaire to get them to send me a form
which I then have to complete with the WPUK details (which I have to find
somewhere, not to mention finding a biro if I still own
one) and then I have to find a stamp and find an envelop and walk to a
postbox (GB has closed all the post offices round here but post boxes still
exist and I guess they are emptied) to post back the form to the bank.
Perhaps 30 minutes all told?

To set up a DD I go on line with a sort code and bank account number, the
bank address autocompletes on the form and it takes about 45 seconds.

Perhaps I should post you a cheque and do a DD next year. Can you accept CAF
cheques yet?


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