> You can't create a standing order online? I thought it was a standard feature.

I have been trying to find some stats on this amusing "thought" but
every set of numbers is a slightly different thing (e.g. numbers of
accounts versus numbers of people etc). AFAICT about 11m Brits use
some sort of online bank account or bank account with online access. A
few more may have and not use, and joint accounts muddies the numbers
somewhat. So whether it is "cannot" or "will not" I don't know but
online banking is only say a third of internet using adults in the UK.
So about one in three surfers bank accounts seem to have your
"standard feature". My bank account (which I opened 33 years ago) I
cannot access online. If I wished to I would need to write to my bank
to set this up (see early comments about walking to post boxes,
finding envelopes etc) which I am unlikely to do just so I can so a
standing order to WPUK. Especially as for anyone else I just enter my
bank account into a PDQ approved website and it is done.

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