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 Perhaps we should ask some board members
> from other chapters what they get up to? How much time they spend on
> chapter stuff, in particular.

Well. It can differ widely. (In a perfect world, every board member
would "work" the same amount of time for the chapter, but that's not
even what I'm talking about here) :

I remember weeks where I might have only worked 1-2 hours for the
chapter. In other weeks, especially in the weeks before an event or
when you do a coordinated "urgent action" (for "urgent", read: "We
forgot that this law was coming up for committee debate and had to
start our lobbying at a very late point"), it felt more like a 50%
part time job.

But anyway, I think it's very difficult to just give a number of
hours. In a newspaper interview, I once said "7-10 hours", which
wasn't a bad estimate then. It has decreased a bit as of late (as I've
been doing more ChapCom etc. stuff...and as I have started to


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