Although i dont speak for everyone i think that supporting something like this 
would be something that the chapter would be interested in supporting. 
However, for the time being i think that it beyond the chapter to provide any 
form of hosting. We are attempting to seek our own hosting right now so it may
be some time before we can offer such hosting services. Prehaps using this 
mailing list would be a suitable option for the time being as i think it is 
well within 
our remit. I think both the MFCP and WMUK's can offer each other alot and as we 
both grow can support each other.


Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 16:01:38 +0000
Subject: [Wikimediauk-l] Manchester Free Culture Group

I've been discussing with a few people (not on this list) about forming a group 
of people in and around Manchester who are interested in free culture - for 
seminars, workshops, and other related activities. There have been a few very 
small and informal meetings so far - but we're planning to involve a diverse 
range of people and groups, and organise a first 'proper' meeting in February.

So, this mail is for two things. Firstly, if anyone on this list is interested 
in such a group, you can contact me offlist for now - as we don't yet have a 
website or mailing list. Which brings me to the second point - which is to ask 
whether Wikimedia UK could support such locally-based activities by, for 
example, hosting a mailing list, wiki, and/or other webspace? It seems to me to 
be well within WMUK's remit - but I'd like to hear what other people on this 
list think.

Also, please feel free to forward this mail to any other people or groups you 
think might be interested.
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