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>On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 6:25 PM, Michael Peel 
><<>> wrote:
>  > Which brings me to the second point - which is to ask whether
>>  Wikimedia UK could support such locally-based activities by, for
>>  example, hosting a mailing list, wiki, and/or other webspace? It
>>  seems to me to be well within WMUK's remit - but I'd like to hear
>>  what other people on this list think.
>One possibility is that, once we have a wiki set up, part of it could
>be used for MFCG, similar to how Wikimedia UK is currently hosted on
>part of the meta wiki. Would that be adequate for your purposes? It
>would obviously have to be approved in a board meeting if it was.
>Alternatively, as Mark says, ask around. I also have spare webspace,
>which it might be possible for MFCG to use.
>Thanks for this, Mike. I'm still looking into what I can arrange on 
>my own bat (or with help!) - and a big consideration for me right 
>now is to have something in place soon, so I can at least point 
>people to a place they can get more information or be kept in the 
>loop. But, whatever hosting arrangements we work out, I certainly 
>want to sustain links between this local initiative, and the wider 
>one of WMUK.

I have also offered to help host.... email, web, perhaps.


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