2009/1/24 Michael Peel <em...@mikepeel.net>:

> That said, I can see how information on the candidates is useful to
> other candidates - for example, what goes into candidate statements.
> An alternative approach might be to do something similar to the last
> elections, having candidate statements etc. on a wiki page, although
> this would have to be done informally. Or candidate statements could
> be sent solely to the teller(s) separate from the rest of the
> information.

Perhaps a suitable compromise would be a page somewhere (would have to
be non-wiki though, unless edit permissions can be severely
restricted) where the Teller(s) could list the names of candidates
whose applications have been received, and whether they have been
accepted or rejected.

This still gives a little too much information to all potential
candidates than I would be entirely happy with, but it would enable
the Board to verify that the Teller(s) is/are doing his/her/their job
without granting a subset of potential candidates information
unavailable to others.

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