2009/1/26 James Hardy <wikimedi...@weeb.biz>:
> 2009/1/26 Gordon Joly <gordon.j...@pobox.com>
>> Could go for something in ltd.uk (as well)?
> Nominet have strict rules on use of .ltd.uk domains, and an algorithm for
> their generation
> The only two possibilities for Wiki UK Ltd are wikiuk.ltd.uk or
> wiki-uk.ltd.uk; anything else fails their tests. As the intention is to
> trade as Wikimedia UK that would probably not be advisable as it could cause
> confusion amongst potential donors.

If we get such a domain name at all, it should only serve as a
redirect to a more obvious one. Since no-one else can get either of
those names, I see little need for us to do so.

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