On Jan 24, 12:45 pm, Michael Peel <em...@mikepeel.net> wrote:
> On 24 Jan 2009, at 12:37, Gordon Joly wrote:
> > At 11:27 +0000 21/1/09, Michael Peel wrote:
> >> Chris,
> >> I assume you meanhttp://www.wikimedia.org.uk/?
> >> We're currently waiting for the WMF to set up a wiki for WMUK, which
> >> we hope will be done imminently; the website will then be brought up
> >> to date fairly rapidly. We also don't currently have control of the
> >> domain names; we've requested that they be transferred from the
> >> current owner, but haven't heard anything back from him yet. I guess
> >> it depends on how long the WMF takes to set up the wiki as to whether
> >> it's worth replacing the content on the current website yet, although
> >> a note that the pages are out of date might be useful regardless...
> I've now heard back from James (he was away), and he's raised a good  
> point about whether the WMF or WMUK should have control of these  
> domains and the other UK domains for the WMF's trademarks. I've been  
> in contact with Mike Godwin about this; discussions are ongoing.

Wikimedia UK is an independent organisation from the Wikimedia
Foundation. We (WMUK) need a website of our own that we control, and
ideally, where we own the domain name.

If the WMF or James F want to keep control of wikimedia.org.uk that's
very disappointing and frankly very unhelpful - particularly
considering they're doing nothing with it. But if it is true, WMUK
should not host its information on this domain and should seek to
register a different one - maybe http://www.wiki.org.uk/?

Personally, I think setting up a website whose content we control but
where the domain name is registered to James or the Foundation is a
particularly bad idea. We would have full liability for the content
but control would be a constant struggle. Obscuring the ownership
would not be particularly helpful.

Either it's ours or theirs. If they want to keep, so be it.


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