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>Yes...key to remember:
>In domains:  ** 
>** is the two or three letter language code.
>In domains **
>** is the two letter country code.  (or ###.** in the
>cases of sub-national chapters)

End of semester test**********>>>>

1) Compare and contrast:

Draw attention as to how one letter makes so much difference.

You may name the guilty parties, for full marks.

2) (You may answer this question even if you do not answer 1)

What is the difference between the following? Are they in the same 
class of objects?

a) Wikipedia

b) Wikimedia

c) Mediawiki

d) Wikia

e) A generic wiki

3) What is the relationship between the Chapters and the Wikimedia 
Foundation? Compare with any other (political) hierarchy that you 


"Think Feynman"/////////

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