On Feb 10, 8:47 pm, Thomas Dalton <thomas.dal...@gmail.com> wrote:
> It's probably worth pointing out that at the moment less than 7 people
> have expressed an interest in standing for the 7 seats on the board,

I don't think we should assume that this will remain the case. Out of
the five current Board members one has indicated he's going to step
down, one (me) has said he will continue and the other three have said
they'll probably stand again. Two people from outside the board at the
IRC meeting last week said they planned to stand making six already,
and nominations haven't even officially opened yet!

Add in the two other people - Kate and Skemny - who stood last time
and might do so again, also the five Board members of WMUKv1 some of
whom might now want to stand again plus of course anyone else we
manage to engage between now and then, and I think we'll probably end
up with more than 7.


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