2009/2/20 Brian McNeil <brian.mcn...@wikinewsie.org>:
> David is right, if they haven't a clue about techniques to manage a modern
> website - techniques that are over ten years old - then they are quite
> simply not fit to manage any sort of filtering blacklist.
> I have not, and would not, actively seek out child pornography. However, I
> have a clue about how the modern Internet works. Any semi-intelligent
> publisher of child pornography is going to use things like hidden services
> on Tor. The IWF has zero impact on that; they might as well have a mission
> to target drug dealers who advertise in local newspapers.
> Brian.

Blaming the wrong people there.

The IWF effectively has two missions.

1)Contact UK based ISPs and get them to take down illegal content.
This was their initial mission and by most accounts they are fairly
good at it.

2)Provide a list of material that can be fed into cleenfeed derived
systems and provide some level of blocking against certain types of
illegal content on non UK based  sites. This they do. However
cleenfeed was not their idea (blame BT for that) and if they hadn't
started providing a list again there was the threat that the
government would.


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