2009/2/20 geni <geni...@gmail.com>:
> 2009/2/20 Brian McNeil <brian.mcn...@wikinewsie.org>:

>> I have not, and would not, actively seek out child pornography. However, I
>> have a clue about how the modern Internet works. Any semi-intelligent
>> publisher of child pornography is going to use things like hidden services
>> on Tor. The IWF has zero impact on that; they might as well have a mission
>> to target drug dealers who advertise in local newspapers.

> The IWF effectively has two missions.

The IWF has one mission: keep the Government off the ISPs' backs. It
was formed by the Government as an alternative to hamfisted State

(As it happens, it's also hamfisted. But anyway.)

- d.

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