2009/3/17 Tom Holden <thomas.hol...@gmail.com>:
> Fair points, it was late, I was being dozy.
> But note they perhaps make Tango’s objection to our original proposed
> amendment look just as silly as my new proposed amendment now looks.
> If the contract’s only going to be amended in agreement with WMF, doesn’t
> that rather suggest it would never be amended to be a blank contract? An
> e-mail to Mike Godwin is all it’d take from a member of the community (not
> on the board) to make them realise the blatant dirty tricks that were
> getting pulled.

Personally, I would rather not rely on the WMF's ability to guage UK
community opinion. It's not easy to guage the opinion of a community
you aren't a member of.

> If you’re not convinced by this, how about a third amendment:
> “The board may not itself terminate the Chapters Agreement or amend it in
> any way such that Wiki UK Limited looses the right to the trademark
> Wikimedia UK.”

That's better. I prefer my version, though. There is no need for a
consensus on this, we can vote at the AGM. (You propose an amendment
to my motion, we vote on that amendment. If 50% agree to amend it,
then we require 75% to agree to implement the amended version,
otherwise we require 75% to agree to implement to original version.)

> To reiterate, the reason why we want some flexibility to change it is that
> Mike has indicated all agreements will be being harmonised in the future and
> there are many other small details which may change over time (termination
> procedure, commercial operations, visual guidelines, licenses to “Wikimedia
> [Sub-region/country]” etc etc.)

Are any of those likely to be urgent changes that can't wait until the next AGM?

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