2009/3/17 AndrewRT <ratur...@yahoo.co.uk>:
> Tom,
> Thanks for your response here.
> Any member/s representing more than 5% of total membership (i.e. one
> person at the moment) can propose a resolution for the AGM. The Board
> is duty bound to circulate it. However, as special resolutions require
> notice, they cannot be amended after a discussion at the AGM. The
> exact text must be put as stated in the notice and will only pass if
> it receives 75% support. Without the Board's support the chance of a
> special resolution passing is, frankly, remote.

I can't find where it says about the notice requirements, so I can't
verify this, but I think as long as the proposed amendment is included
in the notice there shouldn't be a problem. I would request that a
statement of mine be included with the notice (I think that has the
same 5% requirement) explaining my reasons (I can supply that
tomorrow, it will be heavily based on my above email).

> You need to decide how you want your resolution to be worded. If you
> actually want it to pass, I think you should take on board people's
> concerns and reword it.

You're not asking me to reword it, you are asking me to completely change it.

> The Board has suggested a compromise - preventing the Board from
> unilaterally withdrawing from the Agreement. As already pointed out,
> any amendment would require WMF approval.

As I've explained, that proposal is a complete non-starter. The
proposal to restrict terminating it or amending it to remove the
fundamental trademark portion is a better option and I suggest someone
propose that as an amendment. I still prefer my option since I'm yet
to be convinced that there will be able changes so urgent they can't
wait until the next AGM.

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