2009/3/20 AndrewRT <ratur...@yahoo.co.uk>:
> Jimbo unfortunately has turned his facebook reply from "accept" to
> "decline" which I guess means he pressed the wrong button! Pity!

Indeed, that is a pity.

> Personally I'm most looking forward to the talks and the discussion on
> the chapter's priorities.
> The hustings should also be interesting as it will continue the debate
> on priorities. The election will almost certainly be contested, in
> that we've got at least six prospective candidates already and
> candidates after number 3 need to get more than 50% approval to be
> elected. Hence even if we get only seven candidates, still every vote
> will count.

I wouldn't consider that contested. Contested means there is a contest
between people - the 50% requirement isn't competitive. I can't see
anyone voting against a candidate in an uncontested election based on
their hustings. A "no" vote would require some specific reason to
think that someone would be a bad trustee - hustings won't change
that. At least, the speeches won't - the Q&A might. I think the
speeches will be very dull unless we get more than 7 candidates, the
Q&A could be interesting, though.

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