2009/3/23 James Hardy <wikimedi...@weeb.biz>:
> regarding Registered Charity Status
> 2009/3/22 Thomas Dalton <thomas.dal...@gmail.com>
>>   It's not, but getting it soon is. You need an annual income of over
>> £5000 to register, we're not likely to get that kind of money (or
>> pledges for it) for several months at least without including
>> Wikimania sponsorship.
> Exactly how strict are the Charities Commission criteria's on this, Do they
> actually need to see evidence of cash in the bank? Are pledges to that value
> enough? What about evidence to support a reasonable expectation of achieving
> greater than that amount?

I think they want firm pledges, but they don't need to see the actual
cash in the bank.

> I am wondering if the foundation was to write a letter stating that:
> A) the WMF received donations totalling over £50,000 in sterling last year
> [1]
> and
> B) in future UK residents and taxpayers will be given the option to donate
> to WMUK (they may even be able to give an idea of what sort of percentage
> have done this when other chapters have gone live)
> and therefore
> C) WMUK can expect approximately £X (where X is greater than 5000) due to
> WMF fund-raising
> then might this be enough for them?

That might not be, but WMF could pledge to top up whatever we make
during the fund-raiser to guarantee that it is more than £5000 (there
would be negligible risk to the foundation in doing this, we all know
the fund-raiser will make more than £5000). That would probably be
enough to satisfy the CC.

> Unrelated to this, I assume that if I donate now and make a declaration that
> I am a UK Taxpayer, that declaration can be held on to and then the tax can
> be claimed back once WMUK is registered. Am I right?

You are correct. (I think we can claim anything from 2 or 3 years
before getting registered, so hopefully there won't be a problem

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