At 13:18 +0000 23/3/09, Thomas Dalton wrote:
>2009/3/23 Gordon Joly <>:
>>  At 22:31 +0000 22/3/09, Thomas Dalton wrote:
>>>2009/3/22 Gordon Joly <>:
>>>>   Also recall how local authorities got their fingers burned in Iceland...
>>>That wasn't due to risky investments, that was due to putting your
>>>money in a bank that then went bust. Hardly their fault.
>>  Only in that they chased a better return offshore?
>Of course it was their responsibility. They made the decision to put
>their money in those banks. That doesn't mean it was their fault the
>money disappeared.

Sure. They could have gone with Madoff.

It is important for a local authority or a registered charity to be prudent....


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