At 21:20 +0000 2/4/09, joseph seddon wrote:
>I suppose either is possible, both would be preferrable
>Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 22:07:15 +0100
>Subject: Re: [Wikimediauk-l] Wikimania Bid - Local Team
>.ExternalClass p {;}
>At what time? During the run up and during the conference or does 
>just during the conference count?

It might be a good idea to contact everybody on the list, and ask 
them such questions. The sign page could be archived, and replaced 
with a time based plan of commitment, for example.

There are many phases of this project, and many skills that would 
help. And also, as with anything, just people required to do stuff...

Bid, get the bid, plan, plan, plan some more, execute (drink beer 
here) and after care.


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