Wikimedia UK Members, 

As you all may be aware I have been tasked to over see Wikimedia UK’s operation 
of and participation in conferences in the UK’s large open knowledge and free 
software movement. The participation of the chapters members is instrumental in 
getting our name out there and to move forward. The Wikimedia UK AGM will be 
used as an opportunity for those involved/interested in open knowledge and free 
software to come and help teach the chapter something and likewise for those 
people to find out more about the movement we are part of. 
This years AGM was held in Manchester in (what I thought) was a very nice 
venue. After only 2 months of existence we managed to reach 26 members., of 
which over 90% were present. I hope and expect our AGM’s to grow and to 
continue with such a high participation rate. 

For the 2010 AGM, I am looking to hold it in or a location south of Birmingham. 
This is to enable those from London etc a shorter journey to travel. This city 
rotation will happen for much of the foreseeable future, but it is not 
guaranteed. What I need from the members is the following:

Recommended city Possible Venues
Although a whole year ahead, given that there will likely be other project I 
would like to get as much of a head start as possible on those we know will 

No dedication of time will be required so don’t feel that by suggesting a city 
and venue that you are then committed to help out. Volunteers will be dragged 
in at a later date. Things to look at when suggesting venues is cost, wifi, 
food, access and size. For the time being, assume participation of 50+ people. 
This isn’t an official bidding thing like wikimania, just simply to get ideas 
on the table for me to put together for future discussion. 


Joseph Seddon

Events and Conferences, Director
Wikimedia UK

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