This shouldn't be restricted just to members ... :-)

My suggestion would be either Oxford, based on the Wikimania bid, or  
London itself, perhaps at one of the universities/colleges. It would  
be nice if we could do something at the same time (or located at)  
with The British Library or similar, but that's possibly a bit  
ambitious right now.


On 1 May 2009, at 23:28, joseph seddon wrote:

> Wikimedia UK Members,
> As you all may be aware I have been tasked to over see Wikimedia  
> UK’s operation of and participation in conferences in the UK’s  
> large open knowledge and free software movement. The participation  
> of the chapters members is instrumental in getting our name out  
> there and to move forward. The Wikimedia UK AGM will be used as an  
> opportunity for those involved/interested in open knowledge and  
> free software to come and help teach the chapter something and  
> likewise for those people to find out more about the movement we  
> are part of.
> This years AGM was held in Manchester in (what I thought) was a  
> very nice venue. After only 2 months of existence we managed to  
> reach 26 members., of which over 90% were present. I hope and  
> expect our AGM’s to grow and to continue with such a high  
> participation rate.
> For the 2010 AGM, I am looking to hold it in or a location south of  
> Birmingham. This is to enable those from London etc a shorter  
> journey to travel. This city rotation will happen for much of the  
> foreseeable future, but it is not guaranteed. What I need from the  
> members is the following:
> Recommended city
> Possible Venues
> Although a whole year ahead, given that there will likely be other  
> project I would like to get as much of a head start as possible on  
> those we know will occur.
> No dedication of time will be required so don’t feel that by  
> suggesting a city and venue that you are then committed to help  
> out. Volunteers will be dragged in at a later date. Things to look  
> at when suggesting venues is cost, wifi, food, access and size. For  
> the time being, assume participation of 50+ people. This isn’t an  
> official bidding thing like wikimania, just simply to get ideas on  
> the table for me to put together for future discussion.
> Yours
> Joseph Seddon
> Events and Conferences, Director
> Wikimedia UK
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