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>  > >> I've advised Mike on this in detail, but I'll put a summary here. If
> > >> this committee is going to be negotiating with WMF before we've spoken
> > >> to a lawyer, then we want to have nothing to do with it.
> > >
> > > Thomas, who is "we"?  As far as I know, WmUK was one of the many
> chapters
> > > that mandated the committee, so I am not sure whether "we" is "you
> > > personally" or whether the board's opinion has officially changed.
> >
> > I mean WMUK. Strictly speaking, I should have said "we *should* want"
> > or "it would be in our best interests to".
> >
> > _______________________________________________
> Speaking as a board member (but not the whole board), I felt it was in our
> best interests to be
> part of the combined efforts of the chapters to deal with the multiple
> issues associated with the
> new agreement. It is simply not an option to try and work unilaterally
> whilst the other chapters
> are working on producing a refined version together and as a whole. There
> is nothing stopping
> us from seeking legal advice and I believe steps are being taken towards
> that, but I have to whole
> heartedly disagree that we should have nothing to do with this commitee.
> If, following legal advice and the work being done by the commitee (which
> we have a representative on),
> there are still issues with the chapters agreement, we can follow these up.
> We arent required to renew our
> agreement for some time so we have some breathing space. Lets work as both
> a chapter and with the commitee
> in smoothing over this chapters agreement.

May I also say that the Committee is a very nice venue to share and compare
legal advice received by chapters in a confidential setting? WmCH for
example has mandated a lawyer to review the agreement and we have already
received a first analysis with quite a lot of detailed comments (from a
Swiss  perspective, of course, but many of them globally applicable) -- and
we have sent these comments on to the committee or are just about to do so.



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