2009/5/26 Michael Bimmler <mbimm...@gmail.com>:
> May I also say that the Committee is a very nice venue to share and compare
> legal advice received by chapters in a confidential setting? WmCH for
> example has mandated a lawyer to review the agreement and we have already
> received a first analysis with quite a lot of detailed comments (from a
> Swiss  perspective, of course, but many of them globally applicable) -- and
> we have sent these comments on to the committee or are just about to do so.

Discussions between chapters I have absolutely no problem with and
whole heartedly encourage. It is WMUK (or any other chapter, for that
matter) negotiating, directly or indirectly, with the WMF (and if
we're involved in the committee, then the committee negotiating with
WMF is WMUK indirectly negotiating with WMF) before seeking legal
advice that I strongly advise against. Getting legal advice once the
negotiations are complete is too late.

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