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> ... You do not 
> enter negotiations until you have sought appropriate legal advice. 

I look forward to reading the IRC logs with Tom's input - sadly I'm not able to 
be at the meeting tonight. 

WMUK has to consider the pros and cons of getting legal advice on this. It is 
not a requirement - after all, we signed the original agreement without advice, 
didn't we? This is an internal agreement between two entities within the 
broader "Wikimedia community". I guess this means it is less likely that we 
will get pro-bono advice. In that case, where would we get the money? The 
Foundation is unlikely to pay for it, and our current level of donations and 
subscriptions means we're unlikely to have the funds ourselves. 

The main issues we are dealing with are the basics of "what kind of 
relationship" and "what kind of control" do we want the agreement to embody? 
These issues can be discussed with the Foundation and decided without the 
involvement of any lawyers. 

Andrew (personal view) 
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