You may remember that a few months ago, the Wikimedia Foundation decided to 
send an opt out message to Phorm regarding their user-profiling system. 

At the time we decided in principle to do the same for our domain - - but we delayed implementing this until the ownership had 
been transferred. 

Now that the transfer has been completed, we have sent our notice to Phorm, 
which is copied below. Please note that has already opted out 
as this is a subdomain of, whcih is owned by the Foundation. 


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From: "Andrew Turvey" <> 
Sent: Tuesday, 7 July, 2009 17:40:37 GMT +00:00 GMT Britain, Ireland, Portugal 
Subject: Phorm opt-out for 

To whom it may concern, 

Wikimedia UK requests that the following website, owned by us, and all related 
domains be excluded from scanning by the Phorm / BT Webwise system, as we 
consider the scanning and profiling of our visitors' bahaviour by a third party 
to be an infringement on their pirvacy: (including all subdomains) 

Thank you for your time, 

Andrew Turvey 
Wikimedia UK 
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