2009/7/11 Dahsun <dah...@yahoo.com>:

> Perhaps the air would be slightly clearer if Wikimedia UK were to make 
> Freedom of Information Act requests to the NPG and other Publicly funded 
> galleries for the highest def digital photos they have available of any 
> artworks in their possession.

WMUK getting directly involved in this would be very bad for WMUK's
(legal) perceived separation from WMF. Of course, WMUK could
meaningfully comment that "claiming copyright on something four
hundred years old is more than a little odious - it's not like the
painter will paint another painting if only th NPG can make legal

That said, your approach is most certainly particularly amusing :-D I
expect they'd claim these were commercial works and the core of their
business or somesuch.

- d.

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