2009/8/25 Ian A. Holton <poe...@gmail.com>:

> Just a quick questin: Why are you doing this, David? Not that I think you
> are a bad choice (not at all!), but afaik you were the press contact for the
> "old" Wikimedia UK.

Basically because they called my number, after Mike Peel put them onto
me. So I supply backup for WMUK as needed in practice. I'm in London
(Newsnight is recorded at TV Centre), Mike's in Manchester, Andrew's
in Nottingham ...

Before WMUK at all, I was a press volunteer for WMF, and still am.
That's the capacity I do press in.

> Maybe it is time to tell the press and get some people from the current
> board some airtime, i.e free publicity and establishing some involved board
> memebers.

More and more has been done by current WMUK people, which is good as
it takes load off me! But once your number's in the media's address
books, your phone will ring forever. Alison still gets calls too ...

- d.

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