> "The Celtic languages" - as Casey says, this is a linguistic group
> with common ancestry, not a single language. There hasn't been a
> Celtic language per se for a long, long time :-)
> In no particular order:
> * Welsh
> * Scots Gaelic
> * Cornish
> * Manx
> * Irish
> * Breton
> All but one (Breton) are spoken in the UK. All have Wikipedias, mostly
> of a decent but small size (5000+ pages); Welsh is pretty flourishing.

Slight pedantry, the Isle of Man is not part of the UK, it is a crown
dependency. The Constitution of Wikimedia UK does not appear to make
any mention of the Crown Dependencies, so promoting the Manx Wikipedia
might not be considered part of its remit.

I mention this, not because I think I wouldn't be a good thing to do
(because I think would be), but because while WMUK awaits registration
with the Charities Commission, we need to make sure everything that is
done is within the charitable aims and I don't know if the Crown
Dependencies would count as part of the UK for these purposes

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