Most of Ireland isn't in the UK either.

There is a proposal in the strategy wiki
that might be relevant here. My view is that we probably only need one
UK entity with charitable status, but I suspect that each of the UK
Celtic languages that has its own wiki should be able to support a
regional working group.


2009/9/21 James Hardy <>:
>> "The Celtic languages" - as Casey says, this is a linguistic group
>> with common ancestry, not a single language. There hasn't been a
>> Celtic language per se for a long, long time :-)
>> In no particular order:
>> * Welsh
>> * Scots Gaelic
>> * Cornish
>> * Manx
>> * Irish
>> * Breton
>> All but one (Breton) are spoken in the UK. All have Wikipedias, mostly
>> of a decent but small size (5000+ pages); Welsh is pretty flourishing.
> Slight pedantry, the Isle of Man is not part of the UK, it is a crown
> dependency. The Constitution of Wikimedia UK does not appear to make
> any mention of the Crown Dependencies, so promoting the Manx Wikipedia
> might not be considered part of its remit.
> I mention this, not because I think I wouldn't be a good thing to do
> (because I think would be), but because while WMUK awaits registration
> with the Charities Commission, we need to make sure everything that is
> done is within the charitable aims and I don't know if the Crown
> Dependencies would count as part of the UK for these purposes
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