This sounds like something I'd be interested in, although not being based 
in London it would need arranging a while in advance for me to be able to 
make it.


On Mon, 12 Oct 2009, Michael Peel wrote:

> Hi all,
> Would anyone be interested in trying a different type of wikimeet?
> The idea would be to meet at a museum (presuming that I can get one
> interested in hosting this), and have a meet-up with both wikimedians
> and also museum people present. People would bring along laptops (or
> use provided computers) to collaboratively work on articles related
> to the museum or its collections, potentially with the aim of getting
> at least one of them to GA quality (possibly FA quality?) by the end
> of the day. It's a way of bringing experts on the objects, and
> experts on Wikipedia (who also have an interest in the objects),
> together and doing something very constructive.
> It wouldn't be necessary to be a member - it would be open to all -
> although people would probably need to sign up beforehand, and it
> would likely be restricted to a certain number of people depending on
> the capacity of the location (hence members would have priority).
> This would be similar to the Backstage Pass that WMAU have done with
> the PowerHouse Museum. I guess that the most appropriate place to try
> this would be a museum in London on a different weekend from the
> regular Wikimeets. I mooted the idea with a couple of people
> yesterday at the London wikimeet, and the response seemed positive.
> Obviously, before I start asking museums if they're interested, I
> need to know whether sufficient numbers of people would be
> interested. So please, reply to this email if you're interested
> (either on the mailing list, or just to me if you want).
> Thanks,
> Mike
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