2009/10/20 Michael Peel <em...@mikepeel.net>:
> That technical limitation. :-) Also, there are concerns about the
> required connection speed for hosting a multi-way conference like
> this (as I understand it, the calls are all routed through the host
> computer), and also the quality of the connections (I believe this
> degrades as more people are added in?). Additionally, in order to
> join in a conference call, they would need to skype call the person
> hosting the meeting, who would then have to put the conference on
> mute to answer the call and conference them in. That can really slow
> down the conference.

IRC meetings have gone perfectly smoothly when no-one has remembered
to moderate the channel, so I expect voluntary muting would work. The
call would need to be hosted by someone with a good internet
connection, that is true. People could ask to be added through skype
chat, there is no need for a voice call.

> These may not be problems - in which case we can relax that
> restriction in the future - but for the first attempt, it's logical
> to keep things as simple as possible. The aim here is definitely not
> to exclude people, or become any less transparent, it's to become
> more effective as a board.

It is worth a try. It will be interesting to see how well it works -
there may be problems with people talking over each other. Will a
recording of the meeting be made public? I would also ask that more
detailed minutes be produced, since there would be searchable IRC logs
to get the detail from.

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