How does everyone think it went on Tuesday? Personally I found the
Skype part to be much more productive than IRC - it was a lot easier
to discuss potentially contentious and complex issues over Skype than
over IRC.

The main negatives were the fact that it wasn't open to our supporters
to listen to and we couldn't record it for the record afterwards.

I notice now there's actually a Skype extra called "Pamela for Skype"
which can be used to record. It's available as a free 30 day trial or
€18 to buy - something like that might be worth doing, particularly if
we could get one for free!

When we came to the IRC there was significantly less participation
from non-board members (not including our Head of Fundraising) and it
would be good to see how we could enable that more.

On Oct 21, 11:56 am, Thomas Dalton <> wrote:
> 2009/10/21 Angela <>:
> > 2009/10/20 Michael Peel <>:
> >> Due to technical limitations, it
> >> won't be possible to have this part of the meeting open to the
> >> public.
> > Have you considered using a free conference call number instead? That
> > way people can phone in any way they like, with Skype, or with a
> > normal phone, or whatever. It removes the restrictions on the number
> > of people that can call in and avoids people being forced to use Skype
> > if they choose not to.
> > I don't know about the ones in the UK, but I've used a couple of US
> > ones which worked ok. It cost the same as a normal call would (Skype
> > to the US is 1.4p per minute). I believe they have options to moderate
> > the call and mute certain people, but I've not tried that. Some also
> > offer recordings.
> > <>
> That costs money. I would rather stick with a free option like Skype,
> which I think we can make do what we want.
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