2009/10/27 Andrew Turvey <andrewrtur...@googlemail.com>:
> - Lots of talk from big business interests saying there is a "narrow
> legislative window of opportunity" at the moment (i.e. before the next
> general election)

Given the spectacular series of delays on updating / UK copyright law
they may have a point.

> - For a "creative" conference focussing on new technologies it was
> remarkably lacking in opportunities for delegates to participate in asking
> questions etc - format is largely a panel discussing the issue among
> themselves.

Still we need to know what some of the players are thinking.

> - SIon Simon, another politician present, mentioned that the copyright
> debate is highly polarised between the industry and free copyright
> advocates, both sides are deaf to the other and they need to engage. Despite
> this the discussions on copyright have been largely one sided, unbalanced,
> with some fairly extreme language used - "copyright warriors", "green ink
> brigade". "a generation of stealing" etc.

Going by the copyright arguments on wikipedia that is unsurprising.
Who was "copyright warriors" aimed at?

> - David Rowan (WiredUK): "Government should free data - postcodes, ordinance
> survey"

Any mention of United Kingdom Hydrographic Office?

> - "obscurity for some artists is a bigger challenge than piracy"
> - "we need a new settlement to liberate archived rights"

archived rights?

> - "we should have extended collective licensing"

Potential danger there. Some forms of collective licensing can create
issues for free licenses.

> - "businesses spend huge effort in clearing licenses - need more effective
> ways of clearing large numbers of rights holders"

That risks meaning "disenfranchise small copyright holders".

> - "copyright switches should be turned to "on" by default rather than "off""


> - "working on a new digital license to allow museums to publish in-copyright
> articles"

Driven by the Anthony Blunt thing?

> - "licensing details should be included in the metadata"

In theory yes but a lot of people strip out metadata and not all file
formats support it that well. It would make the life of commons admins
less hard though.


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