2009/10/27 Brian McNeil <brian.mcn...@wikinewsie.org>:
> That's a complete and utter misrepresentation of the other side.

I take it you missed the fair use wars on en?

>It's a
> random representation from some file-sharer or other. He has obviously
> made absolutely any effort to talk to the other side. If you get the
> chance, suggest he talk to Richard Stallman, in fact, urge him to do so.

It was hard enough to get Stallman to engage with CC who in theory
share some objectives with the FSF. Lawrence Lessig might be a better

> I've been following the Pirate Party mailing list the past few days.

Which one?

> They don't want the abolition of copyright; they've read what RMS has to
> say on the topic, and their interest is more in seeing a complete
> reevaluation of copyright in the context of it being a social contract.
> Not just rights granted to a copyright holder by society, but
> responsibilities that come with them - like not just letting things
> enter the public domain when copyright expires, put actually taking the
> time to put them out there, freely available.

Been tried the library of congress is the result. Doesn't work to well
for small copyright holders. It would also have the potential to play
merry hell with free content licenses.

> Creative works are, collectively, our cultural heritage; with regard to
> music, the vast majority creating it see little to no financial reward
> for doing so. The 'industry', on the other hand, has a long and shameful
> history of assuming they have a right to be paid over and over and over
> again for exactly the same piece of work.

No their marketing tends to move on.


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