Michael Peel wrote:
> I've just spoken to Rory by phone, and managed to touch on a number  
> of different topics with him - including the Usability Initiative,  
> the bookshelf project, Britain Loves Wikipedia and other local  
> events, etc. There were lots of issues that I didn't cover (different  
> language versions, strategy, different viewpoints on the  
> numbers, ...), so I would encourage others to also get in touch with  
> him.
> I'm generally uneasy about talking about these particular numbers, as  
> it isn't yet clear to me either how accurate they are or what exactly  
> they mean. As a scientist, I'm very hesitant to talk about results as  
> if they're black and white, as they rarely are - unfortunately that's  
> how the media like doing things, hence the stories that are coming  
> out about how wikipedia is dying - again. Odd how it never actually  
> seems to die...
> For information, I spoke briefly to the author of the article from  
> the Times on Monday, but referred him to Jay at the WMF as I didn't  
> real comfortable talking about the numbers. Unfortunately, Jay's in  
> Tokyo for the japanese wikiconference this week, hence wasn't able to  
> respond to the Times before they ran their story.
> I've had no other calls/emails from any other media organizations  
> about this story.
> Mike
> On 25 Nov 2009, at 11:33, Steve Bowbrick wrote:

"Volunteers Log Off as Wikipedia Ages" By JULIA ANGWIN and GEOFFREY A. 

Work by Felipe Ortega....



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