On Wed, 2009-11-25 at 13:08 +0000, Gordon Joly wrote:
> Michael Peel wrote:
> > I've just spoken to Rory by phone, and managed to touch on a number  
> > of different topics with him - including the Usability Initiative,  
> > the bookshelf project, Britain Loves Wikipedia and other local  
> > events, etc. There were lots of issues that I didn't cover (different  
> > language versions, strategy, different viewpoints on the  
> > numbers, ...), so I would encourage others to also get in touch with  
> > him.

Apparently, Mr Ortega's work is based on people who register an account
and make one edit or more.

The WMF stats are based on slightly different metrics; only people with
five or more edits are classed as "contributors".

I am not a scientist or, more importantly, a statistician. But, these
seem like radically different criteria for an analysis.

> > I've had no other calls/emails from any other media organizations  
> > about this story.

The Press Association are looking for comment.

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