Dear All,

Our initiative, Britain loves Wikipedia is coming. According the plan,
the event will launch at the Victoria and Albert Museum on Sunday, 31
January 2010, followed by a series of events each weekend at museums
or galleries around the UK.

It would be great if members can join this event at many volunteering
point. Currently, there are three entries to join in this event:

1, designing Poster: Poster will be used to advertise this event on
local avenue, college campus and other public areas.

2, designing T-shit: T-shit will be given to volunteers on that day,
which need to be remarkable, and represent our logo.

3, signing for volunteers: in the event date, we need volunteers on
museums to lead people, assist museum staff, even encourage people to
join Wikimedia UK. Please check the date and location from, and
sign the event which is suitable for you to attend.

Please do contact Project leader Mike Peel or me for helping any
issues above. All ideas and comments are welcome!


Zeyi He

Initiative director
Wikimedia UK
Phone: +44(0)7912673749

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