Nevertheless consider the file structure inside, who collects
images into zip files and text into _djvu.xml files, so allowing to manage
its brilliant viewer.
Djvu format really can be used as a compact images+xml container, but it
seems an obsolete file format, as recent discontinuation of output by suggests.  Pdf is IMHO too complex and can't be considered an
open format.

Alex brollo

Il giorno sab 6 lug 2019 alle ore 10:51 David Starner <>
ha scritto:

> From my perspective, a DjVu or PDF file is just an archive format for
> images. Any text that comes along with them is ancillary; if it's
> missing, we can always generate it from OCR. I could just as well use
> CBR/CBZ files, though they're not as reliable for having a sensible
> format. I want to avoid, as much as possible, dealing with a bunch of
> disconnected page images, because that maximizes the possibility for
> human error.
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