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> Nevertheless consider the file structure inside archive.org, who collects 
> images into zip files and text into _djvu.xml files, so allowing to manage 
> its brilliant viewer.
> Djvu format really can be used as a compact images+xml container, but it 
> seems an obsolete file format, as recent discontinuation of output by 
> archive.org suggests.  Pdf is IMHO too complex and can't be considered an 
> open format.

Let's look at one of the files I'm going to upload.
https://archive.org/details/Weird_Tales_v02n02_1923-09 was originally
uploaded as a zip file of JPEG files. If I could upload it as that, or
as the zip of JP2 files, I would. Right now, I'm going to convert them
to DjVu and upload them, without any text information. However,
there's a lot of cases where we just have PDF files, and I don't want
to force some of our more technically unskilled users to have to
figure out file conversion, especially where, in the case of PDF
files, there's no point; Wikimedia can convert it loselessly to any
number of pile of page image formats without much problem.

>  Pdf is IMHO too complex and can't be considered an open format.

It's got an ISO standard and royalty-free patent licensing. An open
format doesn't have to be a simple or good one; it just has to have an
agreed-upon standard without licensing problems.

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