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> I can understand the rationale behind removing jQuery.browser:
> apparently most developers are too stupid to be trusted with it. Maybe
> the idea is to use per-project reimplementation of jQuery.browser as
> an intelligence test. The trouble is, I think even the stupidest
> developers are able to copy and paste.
> -- Tim Starling

jQuery will publish a jquery-compat plugin as they always do when removing 
major features. However I would recommend strongly against using it (at least 
inside MediaWiki) because:

To use it, you'll have to add it to your dependencies. In which case you might 
as well keep your editor open for another minute and use jquery.client instead.

And, the old jQuery.browser was pretty basic anyway:

But if you're working outside MediaWiki and need it is good enough for you, 
you'd copy and paste those dozen or so lines. Or (after jQuery 1.9 is released) 
simply load the jquery-compat version on your web page.

-- Krinkle

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