Dnia 17.09.2016 Sumit Asthana <asthana.sumi...@gmail.com> napisał/a:
>> I have been contacted on IRC by a candidate willing to work on graphs
>> and Graphoid.  I can offer my generic knowledge of MediaWiki
>> as well as substantial node experience (incl. writing extensions).
> Yes, we need mentors. Are you having any specific project related to graphs
> in mind? We're maintaining the list of all possible projects at
> possible-tech-projects
><https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/tag/possible-tech-projects/> and
> featured Outreachy projects at Outreachy board

Thank you. If a new project emerges, it will be proposed on
the Phabricator.

>> I have added myself to the bench of potemtial mentors on the wiki,
>> is there anything else shall I do, except for signing up as a potential
>> mentor on opw.gnome.org?
>  Yes, if the the project you'd like to mentor exists on the above mentioned
> board, add yourself as a mentor, if not create a new task and we'll look
> into featuring it. Please go through the possible-tech-projects board(
> especially the "*Could have*" column ) to see if you like any task to
> mentor and ping on it.

I have just signed up on the Outreachy's website, giving a pointer
to my mediawiki.org userpage.

I am reviewing both boards from time to time as well, thank you!


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